Riceish: Week In Review 5/16/18-5/23/18

We about that action boss

After a long layoff from the gambling game, I’m back baby. Got a little bit of the itch taken care of a couple weeks ago in Las Vegas for March Madness. I spent all of my money, but I was positive units when it came to sports.

Which brings us to present day. Goal here is to MAKE UNITS!

Came out strong to start the week hitting my first 4.


Rockets -1.5

Over 224.5

No way the best team in the league all year loses 2 at home to start the Western Conference Finals. Simple as that. Every expert out there said they were cooked. Going to be a sweep, yadda, yadda. Nahhhh bra. As for the over, if the Rockets win in Houston, you knew it would be a track meet.

+8.98 units


Cavs -6.5

Under 205.5

The line says it all. Celtics absolutely murdered the Cavs the first 2 games. Lebron played like shit in Game 1, while Al Horford had himself a day. Game 2, the Celtics just outplayed the Cavs and looked to just be more prepared. Going to Cleveland for the young Celtics is another story though. The public says, take the Celtics! No way the Cavs will beat their ass. That’s why the public is poor. Took the under because I thought the Cavs defense would win them the game, which means the Celtics wouldn’t get their half of the points to go over.

+7.88 units

The tides turned after that.


Rockets ML

Made a dumb ass bet in game 3 of Rockets vs Warriors. Thought there were be some value in taking the Rockets money line. Rookie move. Warriors playing at home, where they hadn’t lost in the playoffs since the 2016 final was stupid. Warriors won by 41. Classic.

-1 unit


Cavs ML

Under 206

Couldn’t get a read on what the final score would be, but I knew the Cavs would win. Again the Celtics just can’t get them at home with their young roster and playoff experience of the Cavs. Consider it their first “trip” on the road. Knew it would be closer than the first but Cavs still win. Thought that both teams would come out STRONG on defense and it would be way under. Not the case at all. Whatever

-1.37 units


Warriors ML

Absolute worst bet of the week and I’m going to learn from it. Bet 5 units to win 1.45. Dumbest shit ever. Thought there was no chance the Rockets could win there. It kind of proves my point that if I don’t have a good feel on the spread then just take the underdog. Dumb. Oh well though, I would of learned my lesson without failing.

-5 units

End the week strong


Celtics -1

LOOK AT THAT LINE. The boys in the desert know their shit. The public thinks Lebron comes out swinging, going back to the Garden. Brad Stevens calls bullshit. Celtics are 9-0 at home in the playoffs this year and Lebron is 0-5 when the series is tied 2-2. That simple.

+2.8 units

Anytime we end UP UNITS at the end of the week is a good week. We will keep logging our week to week picks, so we can learn from the good things and try resist the temptation of the bullshit (Warriors ML to win 1ish unit).


Riceish review will talk to you homies next week. Be sure to keep up day to day. 

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