Riceish: Week in Review 5/24/18-5/31/18

Another week in the books. Goal is to be positive every week. We did just that, KINDA.


Rockets +1.5

Over 219

The best team in the league all year and they were home dogs? I’ll take that every time. I thought it would be an absolute track meet, like 120-115 or something like that, but it didn’t turn out that way. Went heavy on both of them. With the split, the house got to keep some of the juice. It is what it is. Move on to the next one.

-.24 units


Cavs -7

Under 201.5

The most confident bet I had all week was the Cavs in this game. Cavs averaged 104 at home in the playoffs and the Celtics averaged 94 on the road in the playoffs. The numbers continued to stay true. Cavs won by 10, but the total went over. Only had 1 unit on the total, so not much of a loss.

+3.85 units

Took the next 2 nights off. I couldn’t get a read on either game. When 2 marquee players like Kevin Love and Chris Paul can’t play in the games due to injury, it’s tough to gauge. Especially, when you’re in the playoffs. It’s not always a bad thing to take the night off.


Golden Knights -1.5

Over 5.5

First NHL action ever and let me tell you, it is absolutely electric. The crowd in Las Vegas was incredible and really helped the Knights. I knew that they would come out swingin and the Capitals didn’t back down for shit. Game was back and forth all night with tons of action, just like I thought. We lucked out at the end with an empty net goal to get the spread, but I’ve been on the other side of that plenty of times. I was due for one. Hockey might be my new thing. Going to have to do some more research and figure out the trends a little more before we dive all in.

+5.80 units

Rockets ML

Over 208

Thought I was going to catch a quick one here. The Rockets were the best team in the league all year. Playing game 7 at home I thought they could pull it out. I know they were without CP3, but still. When you miss 25+ 3 pointers in a row, you probably aren’t going to beat anyone. Certainly not going to get to the total either. Just think if they hit 6/25 from 3, which is well below their 33.7% on the year, they go over and possibly win the game.

-4 units

Total +1.8 units on night


Capitals +1.5

Over 5.5

I totally screwed this one up. During the playoffs the Capitals averaged 4.5 points in game 2. The Golden Knights only averaged 2.5. Had the Capitals all night and I totally meant to do Capitals ML, not the spread. Payout would of been much better. Missed the total by .5 because Holtby may have made the save of the series. I can’t wait for game 3.

-.18 units


Warriors -12.5

Took the Warriors here because in game 1 of each series in the playoffs their margin of victories were: 21, 22, 13. The Cavs on the other hand: -8, 1, -25. Cavs lead majority of the first half, but the Warriors came back to tie it up at 56. Seemed like that was the best punch the Cavs had and the Warriors took it like Champs do. Second half, the cavs were even better. Withstood multiple Warrior runs. Have to give credit where credit is due to the Cavs. We will be better next week.

-5 units

WEEK TOTAL +.23 units

Not what we are looking for as far as profits go. Pretty tough week, but we didn’t lose anything. Look for big things ahead this week

Author: riceish

Father of 2, Husband to 1. Also have 2 pups Don’t bet for/against teams you like or teams you hate. Unless the line is right of course. Bearcats, Bengals, Reds, Patriots, Seminoles in that order

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