Matt Fugazzi


The co-owner of Bad For The Books, Matt had an immediate interest in sports in his youth. He first started studying stats and players in the first grade, looking at sports almanacs and year recaps. Born and raised in Cincinnati, sports gambling has been around his whole life as his father taught him about the horse racing industry and what to look for in Daily Racing Forms.

Things haven’t changed but have progressed into the modern era of stats with advanced metrics.  Specializing in golf and college football, he takes his knowledge from years of playing and viewing and it turns into profitable picks.

His picks are currently being documented on Fans Unite under the name MattGozzer. Quickly ascended to Pro status on the site, which requires people to pay for his picks, as of 6/4/18 he is sitting 63-47 over the course of 3 full golf tournaments and the final two rounds of the Masters, as well as 4 playoff basketball and hockey picks. He is up 40 units in the span of a month’s worth of work. Stay tuned for the action.

Fully apart of #TeamGetUnits

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