Riceish: Week In Review 6/1/18-6/8/18

Another positive week in the books. We have been developing a trend here of POSITIVE UNITS each week. That’s the goal. Only had 4 games this week, but when we go 3/4 it’s a great week.


Capitals ML

Capitals back at home after stealing one in Vegas. Thought there was no doubt, they would take game 3. The city has waiting 45 years for this moment and the players felt that. Just got the feeling that the Magic was running out for Fleruy and it was the Caps time. Pretty good value as well. Winner, winner, chicken dinner

+4.03 units


Warriors -11.5

Sexy pick of this game was to take the Cavs. Lebron and company almost took game 1, but if you watched that game, it felt like the Cavs played the absolute best game they could have and still came up short. Got the Warriors attention and it showed. They just have so much offensive fire power. After Lebron, the Warriors gave 6 of the 7 next best players. If Steph has a bad game, there are 2 others on his team that can go for 30+ and vice versa. I wanted to take the sucker bet and take the Cavs, but couldn’t. Warriors all day.

+4.08 units


Capitals -1.5

Great value here on the spread (+220). The feeling from game 3 was that The Caps would close this out in 5 or 6 games. Just felt like the Magic had run out for Vegas and that Washington was just better. Game 4 wasn’t necessarily The Caps best game in the previous playoff series (1-2), but it felt like it was there time. The came out swinging and absolutely HAMMERED the Knights. Chalk up another W for the good guys.

+4.44 units


Cavs +4

The Warriors are really good. Ever since Game 1, I thought the Cavs would be able to take 2 games in the series and lose in 6. One of those games I thought was going to be their first at home. Crowd would be rockin and Lebron would have his usual. He did, but KD went off. The amount of fire power the Warriors have is incredible and almost unfair. Either way they got us here.

-5 units

Total +7.55 UNITS

3 weeks in a row in the Green. That’s all we are looking for.. now that Hockey and Basketball are over, we are on to baseball. Peoples perception of betting baseball, is it has to be easy! Not so fast my friends. Need to find the right matchups for the best price.

Author: riceish

Father of 2, Husband to 1. Also have 2 pups Don’t bet for/against teams you like or teams you hate. Unless the line is right of course. Bearcats, Bengals, Reds, Patriots, Seminoles in that order

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