College Football Week 2 Podcast

CFB Week 1 is in the books and we are moving onto College Football Week 2. Matt and Drew kick things off and Steve comes in hot at the end.  We start off with a recap from last week. As will be the standard, we have 5 Primetime Games, and then we have our own Solo Picks as well.

5 Primetime Games

  1. Georgia at South Carolina: UGA -10 o/u 56.5
  2. Southern Cal at Stanford: Stanford -5.5 o/u 56.5
  3. Clemson at Texas A&M: Clemson -12.5 o/u 54
  4. Michigan State at Arizona State: MSU -6 o/u 54
  5. Penn State at Pitt: PSU -9 o/u 56

Solo Picks


  1. California at BYU: Cal -3
  2. Duke at Northwestern: Northwestern -2.5


  1. Mississippi State at Kansas State: Miss St. -9
  2. Clemson at Texas A&M: Clemson -12.5 o/u 54
  3. GUT PICK OF THE WEEK: Steve continues his own segment and has a pick from the Memphis at Navy game


  1. Duke at Northwestern: Northwestern -2.5
  2. Kansas at Central Michigan: CMU -5

We all discuss the Cincinnati Bearcats vs the Miami OH Redhawks at Paul Brown Stadium. A very interesting line of Miami -1 to -2




Music from Soundcloud

Music provided by RFM: https://youtu.be/dPEoasBHNiA

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