College Football Week 13 Podcast

RIVALRY WEEK! Another week missed makes for another comeback! All the B4TB guys were on assignment last week and Coach Steve is MIA this week due to another obstacle in his 5 year quest to retire from coaching.

Usual roundup as most weeks. We make it through the contest recaps. We run through the Primetime games, get to everyone’s favorite game of the week- the Gotcha Bitch Game of the Week, and personal picks. Don’t have much to recap but plenty of chatter with Rivalry Week upon us.


5 Primetime Games

  1. Oklahoma -1.5 at West Virginia o/u 84
  2. Washington at Washington State -3 o/u 49
  3. Notre Dame -10.5 at USC o/u 54
  4. Auburn at Alabama -24 o/u 52
  5. Michigan -3.5 at Ohio State o/u 56.5

Gotcha Bitch Game of the Week

Old Dominion -8 at Rice

Games With Gucci Numbers


  1. Oregon -15.5 at Oregon State o/u 69 Double Whammy
  2. Kentucky -17 at Louisville
  3. Hedge: Marshall -2 (-135 ML) at FIU


  1. Michigan at OSU x2
  2. Auburn at Alabama x2
  3. GUT PICK OF THE WEEK: Mississippi State -11 at Ole Miss


  1. Houston at Memphis -7
  2. Central Florida -14 at South Florida




Music from Soundcloud

Music provided by RFM: https://youtu.be/dPEoasBHNiA

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