College Bowl Season Week 1

Andddd back again! We outchea. Getting back after it since Championship week. Tons to talk about including the eight bowl games on the schedule for this cast.  The beginning of the end for College Football. We make it through the contest recaps. We go over Championship week results, Heisman, coaching carousel, and the playoffs. All the good stuff.

This Weeks Bowl Games

  1. Louisiana Lafayette vs. Tulane -3.5 o/u 59
  2. North Texas vs. Utah State -7.5 o/u 68
  3. Arizona State vs. Fresno State -4.5 o/u 54.5
  4. Eastern Michigan vs. Georgia Southern -3 o/u 48
  5. Middle Tennessee State vs. Appalachian State -7 o/u 47.5
  6. Northern Illinois vs. UAB -2.5 o/u 43
  7. San Diego State vs. Ohio -3 o/u 54
  8. South Florida vs. Marshall -2.5 o/u 55

And of course the Surprise Gotcha Bitch Game of the Week




Music from Soundcloud

Music provided by RFM: https://youtu.be/dPEoasBHNiA

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