NFL Win Totals: AFC Picks

@mattgozzer and @riceish hop on to discuss the upcoming NFL season in the middle of May.  There is no offseason in Vegas! Win totals are out and it is time to start dissecting each teams chances to make us money.

Starting with the AFC, @mattgozzer and @riceish break down the win totals seen below and throw in a couple other picks as well.  B4TB will take it a week at a time with the NFC next, and then we will break into the CFB world. Enjoy the listen and subscribe and give us five!


  1. Patriots- 11
  2. NYJ- 7.5
  3. Buffalo- 6.5
  4. Miami- 5


  1. Colts- 9.5
  2. Texans- 8.5
  3. Titans- 8
  4. Jags- 8


  1. KC- 10.5
  2. Chargers- 9.5
  3. Denver- 7
  4. Raiders- 6


  1. Steelers- 9
  2. Browns- 9
  3. Ravens- 8.5
  4. Bengals- 6




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Music provided by RFM: https://youtu.be/dPEoasBHNiA

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