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Matt Fugazzi

Offseason Series: Cleveland Browns

This episode features special guest and lifetime Cleveland Browns fan: Danny Milligan.  We take the time to discuss the details of the Browns and their outlook moving forward. 

We go over wins and losses for their upcoming season (Hint: he’s optimistic) and dive into the most recent season.

It was Super Bowl Sunday when this was recorded, so we made some picks as well.

Apologies for the sound, it was actually worse than this originally.

College Football Playoffs

Great day for football.  College Football Playoffs on deck.  Another solo act for @mattgozzer and he goes over his picks for the day, recaps the previous picks and some bowl games.  Enjoy!

Bowl Games:

Nevada vs. Arkansas State -1 o/u 58

Florida vs. Michigan -6.5

Virginia vs. South Carolina -5

Notre Dame vs. Clemson -11 o/u 56.5

Oklahoma vs. Alabama -14.5 o/u 78

College Football Bowl Games 12/22

Quick clip preview of the Bowl Games for Saturday 12/22.  @mattgozzer hops on for a quick run down of all four games and a recap of last week.  He goes over his picks for the day, recaps last week, and preps for future podcasts as this format is going to be more popular.

Bowl Games:

Wake Forest vs. Memphis -3.5

Houston vs. Army -6.5

Troy vs. Buffalo -1.5

Hawaii vs. Louisiana Tech -1.5

NFL Week 15 Podcast

Back after missing another week! We are ready to eat Week 15 up though. All the B4TB guys were on assignment last week.  We had a great week before though!

Usual roundup as most weeks. We make it through the contest recaps. We run through the Primetime games, Monday Night Football, Local Flavor, and personal picks. Don’t have much to recap but plenty to talk about.

3 Primetime Games

Miami Dolphins at Minnesota Vikings -7.5 o/u 44.5
Dallas Cowboys at Indianapolis Colts -3 o/u 47
New England Patriots -3 at Pittsburgh Steelers o/u 51.5

Monday Night

New Orleans Saints -6.5 at Carolina Panthers o/u 54

Local Flavor

Oakland Raiders at Cincinnati Bengals -3 o/u 46
Cleveland Browns at Denver Broncos -2.5 o/u 45
Washington Redskins at Jacksonville Jaguars -7.5 o/u 36.5

College Bowl Season Week 1

Andddd back again! We outchea. Getting back after it since Championship week. Tons to talk about including the five bowl games on the schedule this weekend.  The beginning of the end for College Football. We make it through the contest recaps. We go over Championship week results, Heisman, coaching carousel, and the playoffs. All the good stuff.

This Weeks Bowl Games

Louisiana Lafayette vs. Tulane -3.5 o/u 59
North Texas vs. Utah State -7.5 o/u 68
Arizona State vs. Fresno State -5 o/u 54.5
Eastern Michigan vs. Georgia Southern -3 o/u 48
Middle Tennessee State vs. Appalachian State -7 o/u 47.5

And of course the Surprise Gotcha Bitch Game of the Week

NFL Week 13 Podcast

Back-to-back weeks on the pod! @mattgozzer and @riceish are on while the colorful commentary of The Intern is missing this episode. We have the usual roundup as most weeks. We make it through the contest recaps. We run through the Primetime games, Monday Night Football, Local Flavor, and personal picks. Lets get to it!

Primetime Games

Los Angeles Chargers at Pittsburgh Steelers -3 o/u 51.5
Minnesota Vikings at New England Patriots -4 o/u 49
Denver Broncos -5.5 at Cincinnati Bengals o/u 45

Local Flavor

Cleveland Browns at Houston Texans -5.5 o/u 47.5

Monday Night

Fish Bowl- Washington Redskins at Philadelphia Eagles -6 o/u 45

Games With Gucci Numbers


Baltimore Ravens at Atlanta Falcons -1.5 o/u 48
Kansas City Chiefs -15 at Oakland Raiders o/u 55.5


San Francisco 49ers at Seattle Seahawks -10 o/u 46
Los Angeles Rams -10 at Detroit Lions o/u 55

College Football Conference Championsips

Regular season is already over. Sad state of affairs. We recap that final week after the contests rundown. @mattgozzer and @riceishhold it down and run through the whole list of ships. We make it through the contest recaps and discuss our picks for the games.  Also have a surprise Gotcha Bitch Game of the Week, possibly the last of the season! 

Conference Championships

MAC- NIU vs Buffalo -3.5 o/u 51
PAC 12- Utah vs Washington -5 o/u 45
CUSA- UAB vs MTSU -1.5 o/u 44
AAC- Memphis at UCF -3 o/u 64.5
Big 12- Texas vs Oklahoma -7.5 o/u 76.5
SEC- Georgia vs Alabama -13.5 o/u 63.5
MWC- Fresno State vs Boise State -2.5 o/u 52.5
ACC- Pitt vs Clemson -27.5 o/u 52.5
Big 10- Northwestern vs Ohio State -14.5 o/u 61
Sun Belt- UL Lafayette vs App State -16.5 o/u 58.5

Gotcha Bitch Game of the Week