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College Football Week 2 Podcast

CFB Week 1 is in the books and we are moving onto College Football Week 2. Matt and Drew kick things off and Steve comes in hot at the end.  We start off with a recap from last week. As will be the standard, we have 5 Primetime Games, and then we have our own Solo Picks as well.

5 Primetime Games

Georgia at South Carolina: UGA -10 o/u 56.5
Southern Cal at Stanford: Stanford -5.5 o/u 56.5
Clemson at Texas A&M: Clemson -12.5 o/u 54
Michigan State at Arizona State: MSU -6 o/u 54
Penn State at Pitt: PSU -9 o/u 56
Solo Picks


California at BYU: Cal -3
Duke at Northwestern: Northwestern -2.5

Mississippi State at Kansas State: Miss St. -9
Clemson at Texas A&M: Clemson -12.5 o/u 54
GUT PICK OF THE WEEK: Steve continues his own segment and has a pick from the Memphis at Navy game

Duke at Northwestern: Northwestern -2.5
Kansas at Central Michigan: CMU -5
We all discuss the Cincinnati Bearcats vs the Miami OH Redhawks at Paul Brown Stadium. A very interesting line of Miami -1 to -2

NFL Week 1 Podcast

NFL Week 1 is kicking off. Football is officially in full swing! The boys discuss all things NFL.  We have three Primetime games, a local rooting interest roundup, and some Solo Picks.

3 Primetime Games

Atlanta Falcons at Philadelphia Eagles: Philly -1 o/u 44.5
Houston Texans at New England Patriots: New England -6.5 o/u 51
Dallas Cowboys at Carolina Panthers: Panthers -3 o/u 42.5
Local Rooting Interest Roundup

Cincinnati Bengals at Indianapolis Colts: Colts -3
Pittsburg Steelers at Cleveland Browns: Steelers -4
LOCAL FLAVOR OF THE WEEK: Washington Redskins at Arizona Cardinals: Cardinals -1 
Solo Picks


Buffalo Bills at Baltimore Ravens: o/u 40.5
San Francisco 49ers at Minnesota Vikings: o/u 46

Jacksonville Jaguars at New York Giants: Jags -3
Tennessee Titans at Miami Dolphins: Titans -1.5
BONUS PICK OF THE WEEK: Tampa Bay Buccaneers at New Orleans Saints: Saints -9.5

Tennessee Titans at Miami Dolphins: Titans -1.5
Seattle Seahawks at Denver Broncos: Denver -3

College Football Week 1 Picks

College Football is OFFICIALLY back! The crew goes through the Top 5 games of the weekend as well as solo picks. Here’s the lineup heading into the weekend.

5 Primetime Games

Washington vs. Auburn in Atlanta: Auburn -2 o/u 48
Michigan at Notre Dame: Notre Dame -1.5 o/u 47
Miami vs. LSU in Dallas: Miami -3 o/u 48
Virginia Tech at Florida State: FSU -7 o/u 57
West Virginia vs. Tennessee in Charlotte: WVU -9.5 o/u 61.5
Solo Picks


Syracuse at Western Michigan: Cuse -4.5
North Carolina at California: Cal -7

Marshall at Miami OH: o/u 51.5
A whole bunch of games
BONUS PICK: Steve creates a new segment on the spot and picks between Ole Miss at Texas Tech for the Gut Game of the Week: Texas Tech +2

BYU at Arizona: Arizona -11.5
Texas at Maryland: Texas  -10.5
We all discuss the Cincinnati Bearcats at UCLA

College Football Week 0 Podcast

College Football Week 0 preview and picks. The boys are back at it choosing the only two games with a point spread in CFB Week 0: Wyoming at New Mexico State and Hawaii at Colorado State.

Also go over the Urban Meyer news that broke right before we hit the air.

We also cover the Preseason Polls and teams that we think are overrated and underrated.

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